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Having known and enjoyed working with Nick over many years in my role as Director of Children’s Services…he is results oriented, with a positive and supportive approach to leading organisations whilst also offering appropriate challenge when required.

With an analytical approach to projects and the capacity to bring out others’ leadership strengths and creative approaches, Nick can inspire and support both teams and individuals to enjoy achieving at their very best.

Christine Davies, CBE

Member of Youth & Justice Board for England and Wales,

Leadership and management is one of the key priority areas to perfect when driving school improvement and of course is one of the judgement areas during an inspection. Ensuring senior and middle managers are empowered, confident and trained can be overlooked with them simply holding the title but playing a minimally effective role. As a Headteacher I audited the effectiveness of the leadership teams and knew that impact wasn't high enough. Nick helped me to identify key areas within the leadership team that could be fine-tuned with significant effect. 
He spent quality time with a key member of the team who has the passion and energy however lacked the insight and people skills to accelerate positive change. From 1:1 coaching sessions to observing her leading meetings and feeding back; the impact was both rapid and continues to be standing up to the tests of time. 
I would never have predicted that colleagues working across phase with another leader to support our weakest teacher from Requires Improvement to Good. 
I found Nick to be supportive, honest and able to pull from a wealth of knowledge linked to his many years in education leadership and training in coaching skills. I would fully recommend him.

Primary Headteacher, Shropshire

Nick uses various strategies to allow his clients to analyse their current practice and look for alternative solutions, which help to further equip them in the future. Nick allows his clients to decide on the aims of each meeting, which ensures that your professional objectives are being fulfilled 100% of the time. Coaching from Nick has given me the opportunity to reflect upon my role, assessing successes and challenges in detail. This time to contemplate our working responsibilities is so beneficial, but unfortunately it is something that does not happen regularly enough in the working world. It has been a real privilege working alongside Nick; it has given me both time and support to consider how I can develop and improve professionally.

Primary School Middle , Shropshire

"Working with Nick helped me to clarify some key areas of both my career and life that I wasn't content with, although neither the reasons nor the solutions were visible to me. When I met Nick, I wasn't even sure where to start! Nick has a powerful, yet tender approach to deepening the client's perception and awareness about their situation which helped me to define my forward actions. Through the sessions we had, I ended up with a stronger vision on my future career and life plan, brighter insights and more certainty on my next steps."

I.T. Project Manager, London

Your impact report has had quite an impact - you may have seen the press coverage!

Thanks again for a great job - much appreciated.

Secondary School Headteacher, Shropshire


Executive coaching gave me chance to reflect on my practice, my priorities and my professional values. Working with Nick made a great difference and gave me space to let thoughts breathe, so that I have greater clarity in my role.



Executive coaching has helped me develop my response to potentially stressful situations so that I am aware that I choose my response. If I’d been told this I’d have never believed it, but coaching allowed me to reflect and better focus on my choices and responses.



Fantastic! My goals are now clear…it’s given me a framework”. I knew what to do, but I’m not sure how I got like that… coaching helped with drawing it [career plans and goasl] out and made it much clearer to me… I just wasn’t seeing it before.



I’ve seen my mindset change, from negative to positive! I take things on board as I always have, but I put it (learning about case law and approaches through coaching) onto the next case so the emphasis isn’t personal and focused on me. Case research time has decreased by c. 20% (1.5 - 2 hours per week) due to clearer / more confident thinking and decision making.

Law Team Feedback, Shropshire

On reflection, I’d never really thought deeply enough about things from the perspective of the client. Being able to better understand their needs and concerns keeps me focused. Executive coaching has helped me to do this, when I initially wasn’t sure what my area of development would be.

Senior Data Programmer, London & New York

Working with Nick enabled me discover my drive, take important career decisions and be successful while staying true to myself. His style suited me perfectly - energetic, fast, supportive but allowing space to reflect and make discoveries. His questions are challenging, to the point, and made me think deeply. At the same time, his coaching style is result-oriented. I’d say it was a comfortable challenging process and

I will definitely come back for more! 

Risk Manager, International Banking, The Netherlands

I have found Nick's support and guidance invaluable in assisting me to think through, and resolve, a number of challenges in my organisation. The role of a Chief Executive can be a lonely one and sometimes it is not possible, or appropriate, to discuss issues or concerns with staff.


I did not initially find it easy to stop and reflect on my practice, however I found Nick’s style and manner enabled me to relax and to think with an open mind about some of my concerns and also about my own management style. This has led me to rethink and reflect on a number of issues.


During one discussion Nick asked me how outward facing the organisation was. While initially my response was that we deal with lots of individuals in the community and work with lots of partners, when I went away and reflected on this I realised that, whilst that was true, in terms of planning and strategy our focus was very internal. This truly was a lightbulb moment and, as a result, this has led me to completely rethink our approach to our strategy and planning. In am now rewriting our strategy to focus, not on the kind of organisation we want to be, but on the impact we want to have.


Another example is on a more personal level. While discussing line management with Nick and explaining that I sometimes struggle with delegation he questioned if this can sometimes lead to staff feeling they are not trusted. This was not something I had even considered and it resonated strongly with me. As a result, I have given much more consideration to delegating to my managers and to demonstrating to them that I do have that trust in them.


I have found my time with Nick invaluable, I have come away from every session with something new and a fresh perspective on some of the issues I have been struggling with. I found Nick’s style enables me to relax, to feel comfortable to talk about the concerns I have and to feel I can speak about my weaknesses without feeling challenged. I have also found that his manner of providing me with suggestions and ideas allows me to go away and reflect and has worked very well for me.

Chief Executive, Public Sector, Shropshire

Your coaching style suits me well, because it lets me explore themes and arrive at options for actions that I'm committed to implementing. You also offer me a fair bit of challenge which really tests my commitment to follow through on projects.

Company Director (Training), Hampshire

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