Why SayKo

Headteacher coaching

Coaching led to a clearer focus on senior team roles and development and clearer communication between senior and middle leaders.

Outcome: Succession planning routes established, greater senior leader enjoyment of roles as well as middle leader development into new posts. Promotion of senior leaders into new posts. Feedback that our support aided an improved inspection grading to 'Good'. ​

Leadership and team coaching

​The identification of middle leaders' need for developing 'soft' skills e.g. chairing meetings, making presentations, team engagement and appraisal skills. This led to a programme of 1:1 coaching, mentoring and team working such as co-coached and observed meetings with developmental feedback. Between sessions, study and support materials were aimed at boosting skills, confidence and enjoyment.

Outcome: External audit report on middle leaders' strengths and team feedback on improved engagement and enjoyment.

Enhanced enjoyment and commitment to developing Masters level study by middle leaders.​

Personal coaching

​A London-based IT project manager used SayKo 1:1, Skype and phone coaching to review professional and personal goals following a series of promotions in the first five years post-graduation.

Outcome: Revised career plan within the organisation to develop management rather than IT experience as well as establishing an international charity with corporate and private support for child victims of war. Greater balance in life and alignment of personal and professional aspirations and purpose.

Chief executive strategic coaching

Coaching and strategic planning facilitation allowed the chief executive to better focus on priorities and the development of a revised strategic plan better suited to a more outward facing and innovative approach to clients' needs.

Outcome: Heightened engagement at board level and greater alignment of core values with their renewed business plan leading to a solid financial footing. The 'band' felt they were now playing in tune!

SayKo creates personalised learning and development solutions for businesses, schools, the public and voluntary sectors as well as individual clients based on their needs and goals. The evidence-based raising of performance and enjoyment is at the heart of all we do, with typical returns on investment (ROI) of 1,200% and end of project reviews showing demonstrable gains in performance and satisfaction.

Here are a few examples of how we've supported people like YOU to boost their performance and enjoy what they do just that little bit more...

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