What we do

Evidence-based support and coaching for your success

  • Executive and personal coaching

  • Business and headteacher consultancy

  • Finding balance and enjoyment in professional and personal roles

  • A blend of business, learning, mindfulness, psychology and deBonoTM creative thinking

  • Face to face meetings, Skype, phone coaching or a blend of all three - bespoke programmes  meeting your needs and your availability

You could say that coaching helps an individual or team to be mobilised or move forward, with greater focus, sense of purpose and enjoyment in life. Maybe you’re ‘stuck' on an aspect of life, from being newly promoted to managing family and work commitments. Perhaps you want to really stretch yourself with a professional and personal challenge you’d previously thought beyond you. Well, coaching can help. It’s helped clients run marathons, balance family with work (and feel good about it!) and accomplish things they previously felt were out of their league, like leading an international sales team, gaining a dreamed-of promotion, or starting up a successful charity that means the world to them.

Coaching helps you THINK about what you want to do, CHOOSE from a range of options open to you, ACT on your motivations and then PERFORM at your best.

Your relationship with the coach is so important, because it’s based on trust, with the expectation that they will listen to you in a way some people say they’ve never experienced before. Your focus, needs and priorities can then become much clearer and exciting for you. This helps you think creatively and make that vital commitment to your own personal and professional growth and development.

Our clients include chief executives, law firms, schools, the voluntary sector and multi-national companies. Nick also works as a personal coach and uses a blend of approaches with an emphasis on evidence-based, goal-oriented, achievable practice:


  • Creative thinking systems (accredited DeBonoTM trainer) and critical thinking

  • Psychological approaches with a range of psychometric assessments if required to identify your goals and chart your course towards achieving them

  • Leadership skills and training (MBA qualified)

  • Mindfulness practice

  • NLP techniques - really useful in developing greater confidence and changing habits of behaviour.


We also offer a wide range of consultancy and support, calling on expert associates in leadership, project management, business operations, organisation systems and research as required.

Nick's professional development and research towards a Ph.D on the effectiveness of coaching for deep learning based on the psychology of growth mindsets keeps him up to date with current practice and evidence.